The ideal, basic surgical table for ophthalmology.

Advantages for the Surgeon

  • Rugged, powder-coated steel chassis and sturdy upper frame
  • Great freedom of movement for optimum access to the patients
  • Foot switch for hydraulically powered overall up & down movements
  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg position adjustments via the foot pedal
  • Shock and anti-shock positions
  • Height-adjustable head joint
  • Standard rails, 25 x 10 mm, included

Advantages for the Assistant

  • Easy manoeuvrability thanks to manual “Steering Guide”, adjustable via the foot switch
  • Central brake actuated via foot switch – acting on four casters
  • Continuous push handle on the foot end

Advantages for the Patient

  • Comfortable three-piece cover surface with snug upholstery


3-part support frame

head, back, foot Standard black color- electro-conductive (Medistat)

Braking system

Central braking system effective on all four wheels.


Powder coated steel; max. patient weight 175kg/385lbs.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment at the push of a foot.

Manual hydraulic operation

Total up/down, Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg.

Height-adjustable head joint

Height-adjustable head joint made of powder-coated steel, with trapezoid Head pillow without cavity.

Standard rail

25×10 mm

Upper frame

Sturdy powder coated steel.


Ø 150 mm

Long push handle

located at foot-end



Instrument table

“supportline” Height adjustable Order No. 33510026

Mounting clamp with quick clamp lever

Mounting clamp polished aluminium, with quick clamp lever for norm rail 25x10mm incl. locking device.

Order No.: 30900000


Bodystrap with Velcro straps 2-piece.

Order No.: 30830000

Full round bolster pillow

Full round bolster pillow, cushions knees, 50x15cm, PUD-coated.

Order No.: 30500000

Head fixation pillow with hollow

Head fixation pillow with hollow, PUD-coated, trapeze, 25 x 18 x 25 cm , height: 10 cm.

Order No.: 30460000

Side rails with removable upholstery

Side rails, CNS, with removable upholstery (750 x 225 mm), pair.

Order No.: 30450000

Head pillow with hollow

Head pillow with hollow, trapeze, 24.5 x 17.5 x 25 cm, height: 10 cm.

Order No.: 30410000

Surgical drape support rod with oxygen connection

Flexible surgical drape support rod with oxygen connection (mounting clamp 30900000 not included).

Order No.: 30330000

Surgical drape support rod

Flexible surgical drape support rod (mounting clamp 30900000 not included).

Order No.: 30320000

Mounting clamp

Mounting clamp CNS.

Order No.: 30260000

Half round bolster pillow

Half round bolster pillow  60x28x14cm, cushions knees, PUD-coated.

Order No.: 30190000

Wrist secure straps

Wrist secure straps, pair.

Order No.: 30150000

Padded arm board

Padded arm board with universal joint, incl. mounting clamp.

Order No.: 30110000




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