500 bariatric

Capable of handling up to 350 kg.

Advantages for the Surgeon

  • Rugged steel frame and highly resilient steel chassis
  • Ideal proximity to the patient
  • Three individually storable memory positions
  • Power supply-independent battery box with integrated emergency stop button
  • Optimum price-performance ratio
    Supports on the left and right for holding an extensive range of accessories
  • With equipotential bonding connection

Advantages for the Assistant

  • Excellent movement characteristics thanks to double casters, rotating
  • Push handles on the head and foot ends
  • High-grade, anti-microbial and seamless deep-drawn upholstery fabric
  • Convenient manoeuvring by a single person
  • Two manual brake levers acting on four casters
  • Easy maintenance and service

Advantages for the Patient

  • 760 mm wide, sturdy covering for maximum comfort, anthracite 197 standard shade
  • Smooth, rapid and direct approaching of the various positions and the adjustable sculptured headrest for high-precision patient positioning (even for patients suffering from Bechterew’s disease)
  • Removable armrests for maximum patient safety
  • Mono lifting column designed for a maximum patient weight of up to 350 kg



Power supply-independent battery box

With integrated emergency shut-down switch.

Electromotive drives

Provide smooth motorized adjustment of the head, back, seat and foot sections, as well as total up/down, Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions 


Ergonomic, versatile and detachable for patient safety and comfort

Extra wide support frame

Four-part extra wide support frame: Head, back, seat, foot.

Premium Upholstery with a subdued matte gloss effect; glue-less, seamless, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, disinfectant-resistant, easy to clean.

Manual brakes

Work on all four castors, operated via foot leversSteering Guide – manually selectable head-end or foot-end steering assistance.

Rugged steel frame

Highly resilient steel chassis. Cover Panels – ABS with a disinfectant resistant finish.

Removable foot keypad

 For infinite electronic height and head adjustment.

Manual switch

With 3 freely programmable memory positions and reset button.

Mono-lifting column

Designed for a maximum patient weight of 350 kilograms.

Headrest pillow

Eamless, shaped with hollow and radius.

High-precision head positioning

Manually and electronically adjustable – via manual and foot switches – stainless-steel head joint adjustable for high-precision head positioning.

Upper frame

Powder coated stainless steel with PVC back cover panels.

Heavy duty

Rugged heavy-duty chassis, 150 mm ø casters, lockable in the direction indicated by the “Steering Guide”.

Push handles

Head and foot-end.

Accessory support system

stainless steel with attachment points for accessory upgrades.



Instrument table

“Supportline plus”

Height adjustable (20 cm higher Version).

Order No. 33510045

Instrument table


Height adjustable.

Order No. 33510026

Surgical drape support rod with oxygen connection

Flexible surgical drape support rod with oxygen connection.

Order No.: 32060000

Surgical drape support rod

Flexible surgical drape support rod.

Order No.: 32050000

Side parts

Side parts (right + left) swiveling incl.locking, upholstered.

Order No.: 33510012

Foot protection foil

Foot protection foil.

Order No.: 30920001


Bodystrap with Velcro straps 2-piece.

Order No.: 30830000

Padded arm board with universal joint

Padded arm board with universal joint, with wrist secure straps.

Order No.: 33510011

Oxygen cylinder holder

Oxygen cylinder holder.

Order No.: 30720002

Shoulder parts

Shoulder parts right and left 500 XLE comfort.

Order No.: 30710001

Additional handles

Additional handles, pair.

Order No.: 33510017

I.V. Pole stainless steel

I.V. Pole stainless steel Ø 25/18mm, one-hand height-adjustable 1070-1660mm, 4 hooks, max. 2kg 84.4lbs/hook, glass and holder.

Order No.: 30680000

Instrument table

Instrument table 50 x 30 x 1.5 cm, height-adjustable, swiveling, detachable, incl. adapter.

Order No.: 30650000

Full round bolster pillow

Full round bolster pillow, cushions knees, 50x15cm, PUD-coated.

Order No.: 30500000

Accessory support

Additional accessory support.

Order No.: 30480000

Backup battery

Order No.: 30470000stayClean treatment chair cover drape 200 x 73 cm box à 160 pieces.

Order No.: 30340014

Head fixation pillow with hollow

Head fixation pillow with hollow, PUD-coated, trapeze, 25 x 18 x 25 cm , height: 10 cm.

Order No.: 30460000

stayClean treatment chair cover drape

stayClean treatment chair cover drape 200 x 73 cm box of 160 pieces.

Order No.: 30340014

Head part bumper

Head part bumper, stainless steel.

Order No.: 30280000

Monitor arm stainless steel

Monitor arm stainless steel, to be swung,  incl. I.V. Pole stainless steel Ø 25mm.

Order No.: 30240014

Head fixation pillow with hollow

Head fixation pillow with hollow (rubins pillow), 41 x 25 cm, height: 10 cm.

Order No.: 30220000

Half round bolster pillow

Half round bolster pillow  60x28x14cm, cushions knees, PUD-coated.

Order No.: 30190000

stayClean treatment chair cover drape

100 x 73 cm, box of 240 pcs.

Order No.: 30160001

Wrist secure straps

Wrist secure straps, pair.

Order No.: 30150000

Wrist rest

Wrist rest incl. mounting plate 30130000, adjustable.

Order No.: 30140000

Wrist rest, tiltable

Wrist rest incl. mounting plate 30130000, adjustable, tiltable.

Order No.: 30140005

Mounting plate

Mounting plate stainless steel for wrist rest 30140000.

Order No.: 30130000




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