About Us


Established with the primary objective of bringing the highest quality medical devices to market at affordable prices. Over the years we have aligned ourselves with international manufacturers with the same integrity and passion as our own. We constantly strive for innovative medical technologies in this infinitely evolving industry. Our customers’ needs are met on an individual level to insure perfection is always achieved. Our fundamental goal is the improvement of life one patient at a time.

What makes us leaders

A focus on superior and innovative medical products.

Cost leaders within our product offering.


Vetting competence in terms of suitable suppliers.

Establishing strong and sustainable partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Highest level of technical intelligence for the medical industry and its products.

Hands on training for the utilisation of all our products.

Proven distribution model with short lead times and efficient inventory holding.

Close relationships with health providers ensures success through sufficient evidence and testing of all our new products (proof of product).


Custom solution driven approach to our customers needs.

Discovery approval for reimbursement on the below. We have been accepted as a reputable company within the private sector, namely Netcare, Life and Medi-clinic.

We offer dedicated representatives to assist in all forms. All our representatives have a comprehensive knowledge of our product range and are able to assist in recommended surgical technique. All our representatives are CRICE certified, including In Theatre Certification.




Office: +27 (0)87 150 2806

Fax: +27 (0)86 260 1821