The unique assistant’s stool designed with preventive medicine in mind.

Advantages for the Assistant

  • High-grade, comfortable and easy-care upholstery fabric to meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements
  • The unique dynamic seating system supports correct sitting postures while protecting your back
  • Sterile and comfortable height adjustment via foot-triggered gas pressure spring
  • Excellent movement characteristics thanks to double casters and 5-arm, chrome-plated aluminum chassis
  • Reduces typical work-related health problems: muscular tension in the neck and lumbar areas


Five legged chassis

With antistatic double-wheel castors for excellent maneuverability

Comfortable height adjustment

Comfortable height adjustment via foot triggering.

Premium upholstery

With a subdued matte gloss effect; glue-less, seamless, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, disinfectant-resistant, easy to clean.
Standard black colour – 56024 (Stamskin top).

Patented auto-dynamic seat system

Provides exceptional support for the lumbar spine (dimensions approx. 38x44x12 cm)

Customizable seat

Individualized settings facilitate the perfect fit for body type.


Double rimmed cator

65 mm, with braking function.

Order No. 33510040

Double rimmed castor

50 mm, electrically conductive.

Order No. 33510039

Arm rest pair

Arm rest pair incl. traverse.

Order No.: 33000000



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