Bipolar Forceps

Surgical Consumables

Disposable Non-viscous Bipolar Forceps

Electric coagulation forceps serve as an important tool to stop bleeding during surgery. However, problems such as scar and tissue adhesion will lead to rebleeding during the process of electric coagulation. The Disposable Non-viscous Bipolar Forceps have been equiped with the function of preventing adhesion, lowering the local temperature, reducing the damage and enlarging the vision in surgery. It can be applied in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmological surgery, vascular surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and urinary surgery.

Functional Features

  • Controlled dripping from both sides.
  • Special contra-angle design for better surgical viewing angle.
  • The ergonomic design of the tweezers handle provides a more comfortable grip.
  • The required kneading force is precisely 40gm to avoid fatigue after long periods of surgery.
  • Optimised shape design that provides better vision and a wider space for operation.
  • The edges of the forceps are highly fitted, guaranteeing a better clamp.
  • The edges of the forceps are carefully grinded to ensure they are 100% adhesion-proof.



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