Coffin refrigeration units

UFSK offers many variations of Coffin Refrigeration Units: with single or multiple tiers per door, with rack loading or sideways loading or Coffin Refrigeration Units with roll-in loading. Stability with system.


All of our mortuary and coffin refrigeration/deep cooling units consist of stable, self-supporting wall, base and ceiling elements that are fabricated to exact specifications, delivered as individual components and fully assembled on site. Our structural sandwich design, which utilizes 80mm CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam, provides strong, long-lasting durability.

Component elements are attached together by a foamed, eccentric tension locking system, which guarantees extreme stability as well as hermetic sealing of gaps and joints.  This design eliminates undesirable heat build-up resulting from thermal bridges and greatly enhances cooling efficiency. All hinges are completely crack and corrosion proof enabling easy disassembly or modification even after years of continuous use.

All doors and hatches are equipped with heavy-duty, chromed brass hinges, padlocks and all-around sealing.

Through continuous improvements in the manufacturing process, including the development and utilization of environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art technologies, we have been able to significantly increase the performance and efficiency of our products while dramatically reducing energy consumption.  Every unit supplied by UFSK is subject to a rigorous series of tests and inspections in our factory before being approved for release.


Deep cooling -5° C

Deep cooling -18° C

Backup cooling system

Custom external dimensions

Stainless steel surface grade 1.4301 (Standard: white)


Our coffin refrigeration units consist of strong, self-supporting build elements in a structural sandwich design, utilizing rigid 80 mm CFC free polyurethane foam. All surfaces, inside and out, are made of powder-coated sheet steel (standard white). Coffin refrigeration units are designed for an interior temperature of +3 °C/+5 °C.


  • Temperature range +3° C/ +5° C
  • Connections 230/240 or 380 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
  • Modifications such as deep cooling, 60 Hz or water cooling are available on request.


Standard delivery includes:


  • Coffin refrigeration unit with multiple tiers per door
  • Interior consisting of solidly attached guide rails
  • Coffin sledCooling aggregate
  • Interior lighting
  • Optical Alarm
  • Name tag holder
The listed measurements are grid dimensions, and can be changed on request to perfectly match the dimensions of your room.




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