Dissection Tables

Our photo table provides the optimal support for detailed histological examinations involving the sectioning of small samples and preparations. This table is made completely of premium grade 1.4301 stainless steel and is suitable for fluoroscopy / x-ray screening.


UFSK INTERNATIONAL produces a wide range of superior quality autopsy/dissection tables. We custom design, manufacture and install everything that you will need for a modern, fully functional cadaver dissection room.  All of our autopsy/dissection tables are made of premium grade 1.4301 stainless steel.

The following variations are currently available: fixed, height adjustable, rotatable, with or without exhaust. We also offer an extensive selection of upgrades and accessories.


  • Camera stand and repro-column with hand crank operated horizontal adjustment
  • Overflow pipe, shut-off valve, flexible wastewater tube
  • Transformer
  • Electrical outlet suitable for humid rooms
  • 125mm wheel casters with brake
  • Repro lighting system, daylight quality ca. 5000° K, suitable for direct photography without extra lighting
  • Faucet with extendible shower hose
  • See-through plate for transparency photos
  • Work surface
  • Photo basin
  • Pedestal support
  • Add-on grid lamps
  • Under-table illumination with fluorescent lights



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