ZT HS 450

Grossing Workstations & Cutting Tables

The UFSK International Grossing Workstations offer the ideal base for working on histologic preparations.


Fully equipped with the latest in modern technology and ergonomics, our grossing workstations provide optimal comfort and support when performing detailed pathological or histological examinations.

This model comes with a work surface that consists of a sink, dissection board and downward exhaust system. The exhaust system provides safe work area ventilation by vacuuming vapours away from the work surface, exhausting them downwards and bringing fresh air back through.

A specialized upper section greatly increases storage space, as well as providing prewired attachments for recording devices, examination equipment and much more.

The workstation’s height is electrically adjustable, facilitating ideal, ergonomic positioning for each individual user. Two filtered funnels conveniently located between the sink and exhaust basin enable easy disposal of liquids and chemicals directly into the chemical waste bin. The synthetic dissection plate functions additionally as a sink cover.

Multiple workstations can be combined together allowing you to customize your own workspace for maximum efficiency and functionality.



  • Up to 300mm (12”) height adjustment
  • Supports working in a sitting or standing position
  • General lighting of 1.500 Lux
  • Convenient functionality


  • Downward exhaust
  • Container for used fixatives
  • Pumps for chemicals
  • Dispenser for disinfectants
  • Cistern with strainer
  • Dissection plate with drain


  • Extra tap for fresh chemicals, connected via a pump
  • Built-in fluorescent lamps, high-frequent, high voltage and non-flicker
  • Magnifier fitted on a telescopic arm with cold light
  • Connectable microphone, dictaphone and camera
  • Large storage space

Optional Equipment

  • Shelf for instruments
  • Waste bin
  • Various dispensers for towels and gloves



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