Innovative operating room equipment for ophthalmic surgery and microsurgery.

Advantages for the Surgeon


  • Allows personalized adjustment of the armrest elements under sterile conditions even while performing surgical procedures – simply via the foot keypad and single-handed activation.


Seating system

  • Our unique dynamic seating system supports correct sitting postures while protecting your back.
  • Seat height adjustment is also effected electronically, via the foot switches.
  • The sliding mechanism allows the seat to be moved forward and back by 5″ (12cm).



  • The cast-aluminium lightweight chassis featuring double casters and a central brake provides maximum stability and at the same time unlimited mobility.
  • Battery operation for power supply-independent use.
  • Foot control element for seat height and armrest height adjustment; acoustic signal tone signaling the switch-over from armrest height to seat height adjustment.

SurgiForce – the innovative OR equipment for ophthalmic and microsurgery

The high daily patient turnover rates typical in ophthalmic surgery make extreme demands on surgeons’ concentration and physical stamina. An ergonomically correct sitting posture and a sensation of comfort are indispensable for preventing postural deformities which are a typical occupational hazard. We have turned your daily strains and stresses into our personal challenge!

As surgeons and surgical staff, you and your team are performing the heaviest physical labor. Why not reduce your physical stress to a minimum by switching to surgiForce? Create optimized working conditions and avoid unnecessary physical stress for yourself and the entire OR team by working in an environment set up to meet to your personal needs.

The surgeon stool’s configuration and functional features have been designed for outpatient medical diagnostics and treatment methods and treatment methods. The stool’s mobility & adjustability, in combination with the caregiver’s ease of access to the treatment area, ensure ergonomic working conditions specifically optimized for ophthalmology, neurosurgery, and microsurgery.

The optional foot switch plate, designed to accommodate the foot-operated controls typically used in this stool, makes it possibly to change treatment sides quickly and easily without need of cumbersome repositioning of the control elements.

The surgeon stool’s 360-degree rotating double castors make it easy to push and maneuver and make it a space-saving asset to every outpatient OR room. The stool provides maximum versatility of positioning and adjustment even during sterile conditions through e. g. height-adjustment of the armrest elements, adjustment of seat height, and adjustment of the arm supports – for perfect adaptation to the surgeon’s needs even during ongoing surgeries.

The surgiForce surgeon stool gives you an innovative working platform with an outstanding range of functions executed to the highest safety standards in the market.




Left and right, electro-mechanic height adjustment via foot control element. One-hand operated release mechanism for direct and precise adjustment in all directions.

Central brake

Acting on 4 wheels.


Battery operation for power supply-independent use.

Cast-aluminum lightweight chassis

The cast-aluminum lightweight chassis featuring double casters and a central brake provides maximum stability and at the same time unlimited mobility

Seat and armrest height adjustment

Both seat height adjustment and armrest height adjustment are effected electronically via the foot control element.

Premium upholstery

Premium upholstery with a subdued matte gloss effect; glue-less, seamless, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, disinfectant-resistant, easy to clean; standart black color – 56024 (Stamskin top).

360-degree rotating

Equipped with 360-degree rotating, smooth-running dual-wheel casters, the surgeon‘s stool can be easily pushed around and manoeuvred and saves spaces in out-patient operating theatres.

Push handles

Ergonomically shaped push handles for easy manoeuvring.

Dynamic seating system

Our unique dynamic seating system supports correct sittings posture while protecting your back.



Footswitch plate adapter

Footswitch plate adapter.

Order No.: 33170000

Arm rest pair with one-hand release for neurosurgery

Arm rest pair with one-hand release for neurosurgery (angular).

Order No.: 33500000



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